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Welcome to Puff & Pie Bakery (พัฟแอนด์พาย) ร้าน Puff and Pie การบินไทย. Puff&Pie สาขา Sathorn delivery center:- Contact:022358684/5 Fax:022358680

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Puff & Pie Bakery

puff and pie bangkok

Puff and Pie Bangkok

Puff and Pie Co., Ltd is registered พัฟแอนด์พาย การบินไทย Bakery. Here Puff and Pie delivery fresh baked Puff, trat, cakes, rolls and juice in one snack box. At Thai Catering the pie crust being rolled out by hand, or the cakes and cupcakes receiving their final touches for delivery in snack boxes. Puff and Pies are baked fresh with every order. They are made from scratch and we use local or organic fresh fruit for various cakes, treats etc.

Puff and pie is honor of serving many people and becoming part of their family traditions for holiday & special celebrations. We are very happy to serve you with best caters and bakery products. Coffee Break is most favourite for most of business people. Special Caters services is always near to get you throught your coffee break.

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